• Ok, so I'm not having much fun these days what with The Brain asserting its authority over everything I do. In fact, I'm becoming downright nasty to deal with, and the Amazing Egyptian Dude isn't quite sure what to do with, for, or to me. It's hard to tell which one of us is more deserving of sympathy at this point, LOL! Even in the worst of times, I'm usually not grouchy or negative because I see no sense in making everyone around me miserable, too. But the frequent headaches are taking a toll on me, and I am thinking it's probably time to change my name to Oscar.
  • Since I don't really want to be Oscar, it's time to make an appointment with the neurologist. Either I need new meds to deal with an old problem, or I have a new problem that the old meds don't treat. The Amazing Egyptian Dude is insisting that I request another MRI just to make sure that the brain patch is still intact; I, however, am not interested in increasing the likelihood that I will glow in the dark before long from all the radiation. Alien glow or not, it's obvious that something is up, and I need to get it checked.
  • The blogosphere is an amazing place. Never in a gazillion years would I have expected such an outpouring of support and encouragement from people whom I've never met! Thom, Rosidah, and Sherlock -- you make my day! Not in a Clint Eastwood way, mind you; I mean in a wholly positive way. Between headaches, when I have a clear enough head, I'll try to catch up with my blog reading and leave comments for everyone. Without fail, I find encouraging comments from one of you and don't feel quite so bad at not having the strength to catch up completely.
  • We'll have a guest soon. A niece is coming from Egypt to spend the summer with us. She's a couple of years older than our daughter, has been here twice before, and speaks English well enough that we don't need to babysit her. She'll go between our house and the brother-in-law's house, but I expect that she'll end up staying here more often because we have two spare bedrooms and the in-laws have none.
  • I finally rescheduled the surgery to have the right side of my thyroid removed. Lucky for me, it's scheduled for August 27, which means that I have to rethink my vacation plans. I'm supposed to go to Texas so that my aunt, sister, and I can make a road trip to Florida to visit two more aunts. I'm trying to get the surgery moved up and figure that since I had to reschedule it from last November, my surgeon ought to work with me on it. We'll see what happens.

Here's wishing for a mostly headache free day because my To Do list is getting out of control! :)

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  1. I am going to back up your Egyptian Dude and vote for a new MRI. There is no radiation in an MRI, It works on magnetism, so you have MRIs every day for the rest of your life and not worry about radiation.

    X-rays and CT scans are another story, obviously.

    Feel better soon,


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Zip...I would beg you to please get another MRI done. If something is going on it needs to be nipped in the bud. Don't be stubborn and who cares if you glow in the dark...maybe you can join the blue men and do live shows on stage LOL. Please please please I'm asking you as a friend to get it checked. I didn't know you needed to have your thyroid out. That's too bad. Now if you think about your visit upcoming and your trip...don't you think it would be wise of you to have all this checked out? Especially that brain of yours. Listen to The Amazing Egyptian Dude...Aloha

  3. Dr.John Says:

    Get the MRI. So you end up magnetized. That's better than the head ache.
    Good luck getting the sur5geon to work with you.

  4. RA Says:

    I don't think that you ever would turn into Oscar, Carleen. He is so not you :)! If MRI is something that can get to the bottom of your case I would strongly recommend it. Thank you for your kind words. I think it is YOU who encourages me to be strong in life :). I didn't know either that you had to get a thyroid surgery. Hopefully everything will turn out fine. I have some thyroid problems too, and it can be very inconvenient. Syafakillah.

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