I've spent much of the day on the pity pot thanks to a paralyzing headache that started shortly after 7 this morning. The Amazing Egyptian Dude woke up much earlier than usual and told me that he would be going to the business as soon as he finished drinking a cup of coffee. I had been up for a couple of hours already and laid down on the couch for a short nap before class.

I don't know how long I slept before that familiar brain freeze type pain struck on the right side of my head. That's the kind of headache that makes moving next to impossible. Although the oxygen tank was right beside me, I couldn't get up off the couch to turn it on or to put the cannula on. I just lay there, frozen in time like the Lady of Shalott. Then I heard the Amazing Egyptian Dude! He hadn't left early after all. When I get these headaches and need to get his attention, I whistle; he's got some significant hearing loss and would never hear me if I tried to call him with words because the pain is so intense that barely a whisper comes out.

I whistled and waited.

And I whistled and waited.

And I whistled again.


I could hear him across the room but just couldn't muster the strength to do anything else to get his attention. It took several attempts, but he finally came over to check on me. Turns out he had heard me from the beginning but thought that I was dreaming and making noises in my sleep, so he decided to hang around to wake me up for class!

Cafergot and oxygen later, I could move at least. The pain had dulled to a livable level but the time that happened, it was too late for me to go to class. Besides, I try not to drive on headache and seizure days.

So I missed my class today, The Brain bit me in the butt big time, and I am frustrated as all get-out over the whole damn situation. I've never been "normal," but this level of uniqueness is really getting to me. I want to be in control of myself for a change instead of taking the passenger seat to The Brain and its electrical thrill seeking.

I miss me. I miss my life.

Is that the sound of the wahmbulance I hear in the distance?

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5 Responses
  1. Gabriel Says:

    Thinking of you... in the meantime, I'm going to go vote for you in the Blogger's choice awards (I'm nominated too!)

    Hang in there

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How many days a week is your class and how far do you have to drive to get there? Hope today is better -- take care!

  3. Nessa Says:

    i hope you feel better. it is frustrating when your body has a mind of its own (pun intended.)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I so get sad when I read these. I wish I could magically make them go away. But you are a trooper and will make it throught all this. The AED is so wonderful to hats off to him. Have you thought about a correspondence class maybe? That might be easier on ya :)

  5. Carleen Says:

    @ Gabriel: Thanks for the well wishes and the vote! Today is better, so far. My fingers are crossed that it stays that way so I can finish my homework for tomorrow.

    @ Sherlock: The class meets twice a week, which is not bad at all. I'm playing catch-up with the homework now, just taking a break to give The Brain a little room before it starts throwing out electrical charges on me. If I can't manage a class that meets only twice a week, I think it's time to think about taking only the online offerings. I would really miss interacting with my classmates, though.

    @ Nessa: Sounds like you know about The Brain, too!

    @ Thom: Honestly, I don't know how I'd get by without the AED's help on the really bad days and his support on all of them. I got very lucky, indeed. :)

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