This week's movie topic is all about The Movies You'd Most Like To Hang Out In...

Movies transport us to all different times and places and let us live in the minds of the young, the old, as men, as women, famous and imaginary. Sometimes when the lights come up it is hard to leave the world the film just inserted us into. If you could go and hang out in any movie, which would it be? Why? Here are some of Molly's thoughts. Share some of the movies you'd rather be in on your blog and link back to The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

1. Shakespeare in Love: Aside from the fact that the people in Early Modern Era (Renaissance) in England had issues with bathing and must have reeked, everything about this period fascinates me. Throw in the Bard and Kit Marlowe for good measure, and I could so hang out in Elizabethan England.

2. Harry Potter: This is one time when I am actually grateful for parents who challenge books because if they hadn't raised such a stink about Harry and Hogwarts, it's not likely that I would have bought my first Harry Potter book. And oh, what a loss that would have been! There isn't anything that I don't love about The Boy Who Lived and the world in which he lives. Sorting Hat, put me in Gryffindor with Harry and his pals!

3. It's a Wonderful Life: How could I not want to spend time at the soda counter in George Bailey's hometown? Aaah, give me the good old days!

4. Gone with the Wind: Fiddle-dee-dee! The Antebellum South is so contrary to everything I believe, but I can't help loving the architecture and fashion of the period. I would probably last longer in Harry's world than in Scarlet's but with a little Floo Powder, I could easily move between the two.

5. Anne of Green Gables: Anne's paradise on Prince Edward Island is the only place for which I might be willing to give up Hogwarts. I'd have to find a way to become Anne's "bosom buddy," then she, Diana, and I could have some amazing adventures together.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird: Transplant me to Macomb, Georgia -- preferably down the street from Atticus Finch -- and let me sit in the courtroom to witness Tom Robinson's trial. With my big mouth and inability to keep it shut, I'd end up screwing up the whole story and rewriting the trial's outcome.

Just as I was about to click on the PUBLISH button, I realized that 5 of my 6 choices are movies based on books that I read first. Now I wonder if my choices would have been different if I hadn't first been influenced by the books? Hmmmm......

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5 Responses
  1. Those are great choices, Carleen. I can't believe I completely let Harry Potter's world slip my mind. I wouldn't mind stepping into his world at all. :-)

    That's so interesting about the book to movie connection.

  2. The Bumbles Says:

    I would love to be Scout - and have Atticus as my Dad. Not there's anything wrong with my own Dad - I admire him very much - but Anthony Peck is soooo awesome in that role.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I've seen Gone With The Wind and Harry Potter, though I don't know which one I saw. Great list

  4. Penny Says:

    yay Harry Potter!
    I like the It's a Wonderful Life!

  5. Lulu Says:

    I like both Harry Potter and Gone With the Wind... It is unbelievable I don't own these!

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