Jientje from Heaven Is in Belgium, the creator of this meme, writes: "As long as people have been around, they have tried to communicate with each other. As a means of getting the message across as clearly as possible, idioms and sayings have found their way into our language. Now, because "a picture paints a thousand words", I thought it would be nice to make this a new photo challenge. The idea is to choose an idiom, or a saying, ( even slang is allowed) and illustrate it with a picture. Each week we'll cover two letters of the alphabet, okay? "To play along, click here.

O is for On a Dime

When something is done in a small space or in a short distance, it is done on a dime. My dad and stepmom can jitterbug on a dime!

P is for pile-up

When things are stacked on top of one another, or a large number of things appears in the same place, a pile-up occurs.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, my, that is some pile up! I'd hate to be in the middle of that. That's a cute picture of your folks dancing.

  2. Gabriel Says:

    Oh, I like this!! I'm going to check the rest.

  3. Carleen Says:

    With your amazing photos, you would probably really enjoy this one, Gabriel. :)

  4. Nessa Says:

    Boy, that sure is a pile up. Good choices.

    Rabbit, rabbit.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Great idioms and just excellent my friend. Love the photos...I wish I could jitterbug on a dime :) Aloha

    Rabbit, rabbit

  6. Jientje Says:

    Oh dear!! HUGE SHAME on me for being such a bad hostess this week! I almost missed this, but I'm way over my head with some computer issues and trying to catch up after the holidays and visiting everybody back. I hope you're not mad at me, so sorry!

    But your pictures paint great idioms, you did so well on this.
    I love this game and you did so well!

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