Random Thought #1 isn't so random!

Thom at Thom's Place 4 Well Whatever is celebrating his birthday today. I got a late start today, but since you're in a time zone behind mine, I don't feel too terrible, LOL!

Here's wishing you the best day ever, buddy!

Random Thought #2

I've been busily working all morning. For me to have the energy and ability to remain focused and seizure and headache free long enough to actually get something accomplished is a big deal. Today has been a definite blessing in that regard, so I won't feel guilty for not getting around to blogging until nearly 5 p.m. Well, maybe I'll feel a little bit guilty, but it won't last long!

Random Thought #3

It looks like summer is finally coming to visit Southern California. The past two days have been warm enough that I've had the a/c going before noon. In an attempt to keep the electric bill at a manageable level and to put as little strain on our overloaded grid, I don't turn on the a/c until the temperature inside the house reaches 81 degrees. But let me tell you, as soon as it hits 77, I start melting like the Wicked Witch of the West!

Random Thought #4

Tonight will be the first time that I watch America's Got Talent in its regularly aired time slot. I didn't realize that it was on until my sister told me last week. I caught up with it online and am ready to start watching the real live deal tonight. Got some Kettle Korn ready and everything!

Here's wishing that everyone has had as pleasant Tuesday as I have!

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2 Responses
  1. Nice that you thought of our Thom on his Birthday. Happy Birthday buddy.

    Liked your Random thoughts as well, for some reason I just don't get into the Reality Programming.

    Glad that your Summer seems to be arriving.

    Take care Carleen


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much my friend. That is so nice of you to do this. It is greatly appreciated. Love the random thoughts. Especially no. 2. That is great. Much aloha and love to you.

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