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The only boys in the house are the Amazing Egyptian Dude and Marlowe, the cat. Perhaps because they are so seriously outnumbered by the females in the house (6:2), the two of them share a special bond. Whenever the AED sits on his couch, Marlowe jumps up on the arm and begins to tap him on the chest.

The tapping will continue until the AED first rubs Marlowe's chin and cheeks, then holds him for more of the same. This has become such a routine that the AED remains engrossed in whatever he's watching on TV, while Marlowe revels in the glory and drools blissfully.

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17 Responses
  1. That is one big kitty cat. My Dad has a bond with my parent's male dog the same way. The men in my family have always been outnumbered by the women.

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  2. That cat is super CUTE!!!
    aww, i want a cat!
    ♥~•*☼♥♫¨*•.Happy WW!.•*¨♫♥☼*•~♥

  3. BTW
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. a49erfangirl Says:

    What a great picture!

  5. Anya Says:

    Lovely words
    Lovely picture :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love it.. and Funny indeed. Cat are amazing creatures.. They know how to get there loving. Happing WW to you and your Family of 6:2. from Auntie E

  7. Deb Says:

    That's a gorgeous cat! LOL, my poor hubby is even outnumbered by the felines here - all 3 of them are girls... Happy WW! :)

  8. Opus #6 Says:

    Gotta love a man who can keep a kitty happy. Shows he is not defensive about his manhood.

  9. DNLee Says:

    Yeah, I'm mostly wordless myself, but Happy Wordless Wednesday, anyway
    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to meet you and check out your blog.

    FYI: I'm competing for a chance to win a trip to Antarctica by writing a blog - vote for me at I would greatly appreciate your support.

  10. Nessa Says:

    men must bond. Very sweet, I mean, manly.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Great photo...6:2 great odds if ya ask me :)

  12. Groovy Mom Says:

    That cat looks like a cozy ol' pillow. Gosh I miss having kitties around the house!!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  13. PMKU Says:

    Marlowe looks spoiled rotten! Happy WW and thanks for stopping by this week.

  14. That's so cool! Routines of animals are quite interesting. :D

  15. How sweet. My FIL is like that with the dogs.

    My WW Post

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