Random Thought #1

When I first learned about it, I quickly became hooked on Facebook. I recruited friends and family members to join and soon began to spend entirely too much time on the site. With all the fun apps, games, goofy quizzes, ways to reconnect with old friends, etc., becoming a Facebook addict is really quite easy to do. As soon as I realized that it was a serious detraction from the work that I needed to get done, though, I nipped Facebook in the bud and moved on. Now, I check in every now and again just to post updates for the friends and family that I recruited and who are still very active and involved on the site.

I knew that something exciting had to be happening over there, though, when I saw that even my Aunt Nola was in on a game called Farm Town. Aunt Nola was the last of the family members to get on the Facebook train, so it really surprised me to see her playing a game there; even more surprising for me was the fact that she has a killer score! Not to be outdone, I had to check out the game to see what it was all about and now am once again hopelessly addicted.

Anyone else addicted to Farm Town on Facebook?

Random Thought #2

Sleep, or lack thereof, is plaguing my life again. I'm back to the sleep two hours, awake four or five hours pattern and have been for several days. Trying to stay focused on anything is like trying to say no to Farm Town -- it's not gonna happen, at least not right now. The Pity Pot is waiting for me down the road, I know; for the time being, I'll deal with it as best I can and just keep going.

Random Thought #3

So far the transition from Dilantin to Topamax is going smoothly. I'm waiting for the Topamax tinglies to start, as I know they will eventually. Once they do, I'll have the pleasure of feeling like gazillions of ants are doing the tango on my skin for about a week. For this week, I'll take 50mg of Topamax twice a day along with the Dilantin.

Random Thought #4

Well, this one isn't exactly random. . .Betty gets to leave the nursing home today! After giving them a hard time on more than one occasion because they were rough with her, even to the point of actually breaking the skin on her left arm and trying to claim that it happened because she has thin skin, I will be so thrilled to have her back at the board and care facility!

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3 Responses
  1. Nessa Says:

    I still can't get back on Facebook although i haven't been trying very hard.

    i hate it when i can't sleep well. Definitely not good.

    I hope you don't get the ant feeling. i can't stand that.

    Glad Betty gets to go to a better place.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm glad to hear about Betty. That is wonderful news. You and I must be a lot alike. My sleep pattern is terrible. Been like that all my life. I'm glad the transition with your med's are going smoothly. That's good news. I hope it continues and you don't get the feeling. Think positive. I use to do Facebook before I began blogging. I can't do both. I have no time. I had to make a decision and blogging is the best thing I ever did :) Aloha

  3. I can't get into the Facebook anymore, I may check in once a day to update a status or visit a friends' but I don't do any of the apps any more. I hate it when I can't sleep either, Last night I slept the sleep of Babes, it was well needed. I hope you transition over to the new meds without any issues. Glad that your friend Betty will soon be home, one always seems to heal better at home.

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