Molly looked around for a weekly meme about movies and did not have any luck. So therefore she decided to start her own! Andy will play along as well - hopefully you will too. Go to your blog and create your own post on the topic, linking back to us in your post, then come back and leave a link to your post here in our Comments section. If you don’t have a blog, just share your response in the Comments section.

This week's movie topic is all about Water...

Share some of the water based movies that sprung to mind on your blog and link back to The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

When I first saw this week's theme, I thought that I'd never be able to come up with a list. I'm not a fan of Johnny Depp, couldn't get through the first fifteen minutes of the first Pirates movie and haven't even tried the others, and most shocking of all, I hated Titanic. So what does that leave me with? Let's see. . .

  • The Goonies -- My favorite movie of all time! Who doesn't like this story of a group of geeky kids, the "goonies," who set out to save their homes by finding the lost treasure of One-Eyed Willie the pirate?
  • The Poseidon Adventure -- Whereas Titanic takes a true event and adds a fake love story that shifts audience attention away from the real tragedy in order to sell the story to the public, this film is focused entirely on the events surrounding the sinking ocean liner and the people who must work together and believe in one another in order to survive.
  • The Adventures of Huck Finn -- Travel down the mighty Mississippi River with a pair of runaways: Jim, the runaway slave, and Huck, the child runaway who wants nothing more than to escape his alcoholic father's brutality and a woman's attempts to civilize him.
  • Tharthara Fawq al-Nil (Adrift on the Nile) -- Based on the novel of the same name by the Egyptian Nobel Laureate, Naguib Mahfouz, this film is a dark look at life in post-1967 Egypt. Its primary setting is a houseboat where a group of characters are as much adrift on the Nile as they are adrift in life on shore.
  • South Pacific -- Of all the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, this is my personal favorite.

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3 Responses
  1. Caspette Says:

    Ack Goonies how could I forget that with the pirate ship a the end.

    Poseidon Adventure (original or remake?) also a good pick. Im also with you on the dislike Titanic bandwagon LOL

    Min is here.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the original Poseidon Adventure. I saw many times. Excellent.

  3. The Bumbles Says:

    Oh oh oh!!! South Pacific got me to thinking about other classics and I just remembered one I should have had on our list - The African Queen!! Katharine Hepburn was so bossy in that movie - poor Humprhey :0)

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