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In honor of America's Independence Day celebrations coming up this weekend, I wanted to celebrate the American Character with a list of interesting things about America and Americans. Here goes nothing!

1. 27% of Americans believe that we never landed on the moon. So how did Michael Jackson come up with the Moon Walk, then, huh?

2. Louisiana has 2,482 islands. Although with the BP oil rig disaster, they are disappearing.

3. There are about 500,000 detectable earthquakes in California each year. No wonder mine is the Rock & Roll state!

4. Jimmy Carter was the first US president to have been born in a hospital.

5. Our Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Socialist. Put that in your tea bag and steep it!

6. In the middle of the Mojave Desert, fifty miles from anywhere, is a phone booth. Why? Nobody remembers!

7. There are 140 towns and cities in America that have the word CHRISTMAS in their names.

8. Taft, California is home to the largest oil producing field in the lower 48 states.

9. Iced tea was served for the first time in 1904 at the St. Louis World's Fair. Now, it's a staple across the South.

10. The oldest capital city in the US is Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was founded in 1610.

11. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years to the day after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

12. Until 1796, there was a US state named Franklin. Today we call it Tennessee.

13. Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, was afraid of the dark.

Happy Thursday,

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent 13 my friend. So wonderful to share this information. :) I was shocked at number 4. Who knew. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Seems like I remember that phone booth in the Mojave. Wasn't it there for people who got stranded and needed rescue?

    My Thursday Thirteen is here

  3. jillconyers Says:

    Great list. I'm a big fan of random who-knew facts.

  4. Heather Says:

    I love this list! Thank goodness for the St. Louis World's Fair! I'd be practically lost without my iced tea! :-)

  5. i wanna love it too the same way - and it wont let me

    Reflecting Upon Me

  6. RA Says:

    Great 13! I loved to read these facts.

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