Thanks to Thom for sharing another meme; I love these things!

1. Do you feel that you need to keep repeating yourself when talking to a particular person?

Well, considering that the Amazing Egyptian Dude has lost a significant portion of his hearing and isn't exactly consistent about wearing his hearing aids, I spend an inordinate amount of time repeating myself when talking to him. One of these days he will wear his hearing aids on a regular basis, I just know it!

2. It's July. Do you have anything special planned?

Ummm . . . I consider living pretty doggone special. That's about all that I have planned for the month.

3. Who is your big celebrity crush?

I'm not really into celebrities, and certainly not enough to have a big crush on one.

4. Tell us about a local restaurant you are sure we'd love.

Mas' Islamic Chinese restaurant in Anaheim, California, is our favorite place for dining out. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is always packed with patrons that make up a mini United Nations. In addition to the Muslims who fill the place because the owner, a Muslim from China, follows our dietary laws and doesn't serve pork, you'll find Jews who keep Kosher dining beside California hippie types who are seated next to a group of college kids whose antics entertain the elderly couple sitting across the aisle. I have never ever been to the place when it wasn't, at the very least, nearly packed to the rafters.

5. Tell us about the shyest person that you deal with regularly.

None of the people whom I deal with regularly are shy -- at least not when they are around me!

6. What is your vision of heaven and hell?

One is good and the other ought to be avoided?

7. What is your neighborhood like?

Like most neighborhoods in Southern California -- filled with single family dwellings that have green lawns and cars in their driveways.

8. What's your favorite cook-out food?

Shish-kebab or steak -- I can't decide which I like better.

9. When was the last time that you saw fireworks?

Disneyland is just down the street from my home, so I see fireworks every night at 9:35 during the week, and a second display on Saturday and Sunday. God bless the Mouse House!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ooooo Mas' islamic Chinese restaurant sounds wonderful. Oh I'm so glad that we can email, text, FB etc cuz my hearing is so crappy, and has been all my life, you'd be repeating with me as well LOL Thanks for the shout out my friend and have a safe and happy 4th. :)

  2. RA Says:

    I always enjoy reading your answers, Carleen. I would love to dine at Ma's Islamic Restaurant sounds delicious. How wonderful to see fireworks everyday. Have a wonderful week, my dear.

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