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1. Ant bait.

Yes, ant bait! Every summer for the past five or six years, our home has been invaded by gazillions of little black ants. It has gotten so bad that I no longer rely on the calendar to tell me when summer has "officially" arrived because the ants have already alerted me. Since our animals are used to eating when they please and not when we please, they have food in their dishes at all times. That is, they have food available to them at all times until the ants arrive. Thanks to Google, I discovered that we had been dealing with the situation in all the wrong ways -- indoor and outdoor sprays, boric acid, salt, chili powder, etc. Those methods kill only those ants with which they make contact, leaving the queen and the rest of her tribe to wreak havoc. Enter the ant bait. The AED went to Home Depot and bought 2 dozen of the little suckers to put throughout the house. We may see a stray ant or two now, but the cats and dog can have their feed dishes back without me screeching about the yards of ants invading them. Ah, the joys of ant bait!

2. The World Cup.

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, ESPN, and my nifty new computer with its awesome monitor, I have missed only two of the World Cup games, and I missed those only because I couldn't wake up to watch them. As the series moves into the quarter finals, the excitement mounts worldwide. In just a few minutes, I will be watching Holland vs. Brazil and rooting for Holland because they are the underdogs of the match. This weekend will be filled with fireworks, literal and figurative, both on and off the soccer fields in South Africa and my home. Soccer rocks the world!

3. Whiskers on Kittens.

The three rescue kittens that I've been taking care of for the past three weeks have genuinely brightened our lives. It has been so long since we had a kitten around the house, and there is truly nothing like a kitten to keep a person on her toes! These little guys are discovering things in my house that I didn't know were there and have managed to locate, and play with, every single dust bunny that escaped the broom or vacuum. With kittens around, life is too short and way too much fun to worry about dust bunnies anyway!

4. June Gloom.

Here in Southern California we have a weather phenomenon called the June Gloom. In a nutshell, it's a cloudy and overcast condition that lasts well into the morning and sometimes throughout the day. The best thing about the June Gloom is that it keeps our summer temperatures under tight control and prevents it from getting too hot. Thankfully, the gloom has given us temperatures in the low 70s for the past two weeks. What could be better than a summertime temp that doesn't require the A/C?

5. Life, Liberty, Good Coffee, and the freedom to enjoy them.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We get those damn ants as well. I use those foggers every once in a while. It works for a while and when I see those little buggers come back it's time to do it again :) I loved the World Cup. I had never watched it before but really enjoyed it :) Have a great and safe 4th of July weekend my dear sweet friend :)

  2. RA Says:

    Ugh, ants can be such a great deal to handle. They come and come... and come again. I know what you mean by kittens keeping a person on her toes. We just got two from one of our friends ^_^

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