Random Thought #1

I've been itching to change my blog template for a very long time and even added myself to a professional designer's incredibly long queue last summer. Unfortunately for me, that designer made some significant life changes, before my place in the queue came up, and is no longer designing blog templates. Despite hours of scouring the web for just the right freebie template, I haven't had any luck. Maybe out of sheer desperation for a change, I will resort to using Blogger's new design your own template feature thingy. Has anybody used it yet?

Random Thought #2

All three rescue kittens are still with me. Wilbur, the runt of the litter, is quite attached to me and with each passing day, I get more attached to him. This is exactly what I (and the AED) was afraid would happen. With such an adorable creature shadowing my every move, how could I possibly give him up?!

A few days ago, I sat on the couch to fold some laundry. Before I even had a chance to get myself and the laundry basked situated comfortably, I was surrounded by fur monsters. In the photo at the left are Dolly (top left), Charlotte (top right), Templeton (bottom left), and Maggie (bottom right). Wilbur isn't in the photo because he had buried himself in the warm clothes in the basket. Even with four "assistants," I didn't get much laundry folded for a while.

Random Thought #3

For anyone looking for an awesome iPhone speaker dock, let me recommend the one that Altec Lansing makes. I am incredibly impressed with the company. Let me tell you why.

The AED bought me this speaker dock for my birthday last year. I love, love, love this speaker! But when I brought home my new iPhone and tried to put it in the dock to charge, the darn thing didn't fit. All I could think of was that I would have to shell out another couple of hundred bucks for a new speaker dock when the one I had worked just fine. Being cheap, I quickly trashed that idea and began surfing Google to see if others who had the dock experienced the same problem. What I discovered was that Altec Lansing had a fix -- and a free fix to boot!

The new part arrived yesterday, and now my new iPhone fits perfectly in the speaker dock. How's that for a company standing behind its products? Go, Altec Lansing!
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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    If I weren't up to my ears in furballs, I would take Templeton in a heartbeat! Just the name is irresistable, but what a cutie he is!

  2. Carleen Says:

    Iman named them all after the characters in Charlotte's Web: Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton. Thank goodness there is only one girl in the bunch because I don't think I could ever call a cat Fern!

  3. Carleen ~ Sorry I haven't been by for a spell. Your Foster Kittens are cute, and I'd probably get attached to them as well. Hard decision to make.

    I am using the new Blogger Templates and find them quite appealing.

    Hope you are doing OK.

  4. RA Says:

    I haven't used the new Blogger Templates, but they look quite appealing on other blogs like Bill said. Your furry friends are adorable and I know what it's like being followed around in every step. Great fix for your iphone!

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