I'm sad, genuinely sad, at the death of Mary Travers. After my mom's youngest brother introduced me to the music of Peter, Paul, and Mary, it became a staple in my library of albums and later, CDs. Their songs informed my earliest concept of justice with "If I Had a Hammer," while "Puff the Magic Dragon," a song I still can't listen to without tearing up, helped me to understand that the transition from childhood to maturity would be painful. I can't think of a time when I didn't have Peter, Paul, and Mary songs to brighten my day, remind me of happier times, or make me wish for better ones.

The world has lost a treasure, and I feel as though I have lost an old friend.

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  1. So sad that Mary Travers passed away, she had such a wonderful voice. I will listen to Folk Music before almost anything else. I like my Gospel as well.

    The Folk Groups of the Sixties were the best,

  2. It is sad, but I did not know her.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I heard this on CNN but wasn't really paying attention. Now I know who she is. Rest In Peace Mary :) Loved the video and what a nice post Zip about her :)

  4. Carleen Says:

    @ Bill: Thanks to my uncle, I love folk music and listen to it all the time. I agree that the genre was at its best in the 60s -- there was just so much to sing about in that decade, LOL!

    @ Kim: I didn't really know her, either, but because of the impact her music had on my young life, I feel as though I have lost a real friend.

    @ Thom: I think that people who aren't into folk music wouldn't know Mary Travers by her name, but they do know Peter, Paul, and Mary. :)

  5. RA Says:

    She must have been a very talented artist. It's always sad to hear or read about such a great loss.

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