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Since the time of summer vacations is rapidly approaching, I decided to take a virtual vacation by making a list, with pictures and learning links, of some of the Amazing Natural Wonders found in the United States. They aren't listed in any particular order, nor are they only Amazing Natural Wonders -- I could easily make another list of 13! I hope that you enjoy the trip!

1. The Grand Canyon
Location: Arizona
Learn more about it here.

2. Pike's
Location: Colorado
Learn more about "America's Mountain" here.

3. La Brea Tar Pits
Location: Los Angeles, California
Did you know that right in the middle of the city of Los Angeles is an area of black tar lakes? In prehistoric times, those lakes trapped and killed several animals like the woolly mammoth, the giant sloth, and the sabre-tooth tiger. Their skeletons were preserved in the tar, making it easy for scientists to put them back together and study them. I've been to this place at least a dozen times, and I'm amazed with each visit! Learn more about it here.

4. Yellowstone National Park
Location: Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho
Learn more about it here.

5. Death Valley
Location: California
Learn more about it here.
Learn more about the mysterious moving rocks here.

6. Everglades
Location: Florida
Learn more about it here.

7. Kilauea
Location: Hawaii
Learn more about it here.

8. Arches National Park
Location: Utah
Learn more about it here.

9. Atchafalaya Basin Swamp
Location: Louisiana
Learn more about it here.

10. Mt. McKinley
Location: Alaska
Learn more about it here.

11. Ruby Falls
Location: Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Learn more about it here.

12. Niagara Falls
Location: New York
Learn more about it here.

13. California Giant Redwood Forest
Location: California
Did you know that the Giant Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world or that a grove of about 135 of them, all measuring more than 350 feet (107 meters), is also home to 3 trees that measure higher than 370 feet (113 meters)?
Learn more about it here.

Did you enjoy the trip?

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15 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    I would love to see the Redwood Forest. I live pretty close to Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) You have to see it at night with the lights on under the falls. Gorgeous. Great list. Happy T13!

  2. Mia Celeste Says:

    How beautiful. Now you make me want to visit these places and see what you've photographed. Happy TT!

  3. DigiscrapMom Says:

    I surely enjoyed the trip! Those are 13 places I need to put on my bucket list. I've been to the Canada side of Niagara but not the US side. These places are beautiful and breathtaking.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Journeywoman Says:

    Proud to say I've seen 5 of them. Happy TT

  5. I've been to 9 of the 13 and they are true wonders! Great list!

  6. yyam Says:

    These are beautiful pictures! I would love to see the places in person some day. Have a great Thursday!

  7. You got me with the moving rocks in Death Valley!

    Thanks for stopping by PopArtDiva™ Retro Baby Boomer Blog and leaving a comment yesterday and thanks for these great links too!


  8. colleen Says:

    I can cross five of those of my list. Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls shouldn't be missed by anyone! I still want to see the Northern Lights.

  9. Holy smoke, I can't believe I've been to so many places on your list! Yellowstone remains my absolute favorite, though. It's so alive, so vital. And Arches... we were just there last month. It's the opposite. Old. Waiting. Biding its time.

    I've been to more on your list, but those are my two favorites. (I'm a nature junkie, for all I write about rock stars!)

    Since you asked about the agent who'd repped my ice hockey novel... we broke up. It was a good thing. VERY good.

  10. I am Harriet Says:

    Nice list.
    I've been to many of those.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful. I have been to 1, 5, 7, 10 and 13 and loved them all. I wish I could see them all. :) Thanks so much for sharing this trip. :)

  12. Heather Says:

    Sadly, I've only seen two on this list -- Pike's Peak and Niagara Falls -- but would LOVE to see them all some day.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Ah. Now that was a nice trip. I've always wanted to visit the La Brea Tar Pits.



  14. and now you leave me yearnin to have the best vacation :D
    happy TT

    did two


  15. The Bumbles Says:

    Woo hoo! We're headed to Niagra in a few months! I haven't been there in 25 years!

    I will someday see the Grand Canyon. But I must say that seeing Waimea Canoyon on Kauai was pretty awesome. Actually - all of Hawaii is awesome. A virtual vacation there would be wonderful - an opportunity to go there again would be even better.

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