If you play along with this weekly meme then obviously you enjoy movies. But how do you watch them? Do you wait in line for the big premier at the theater? Do you savor trips to the local video store perusing the titles up and down the aisle? Or maybe you only watch them from home as they arrive in your mailbox, inbox, or on T.V. And maybe who you watch them with dictates how you watch them. Here's what I do - share your methods on your blog and link back to The Bumbles.

So, how do I watch movies?
  • DVD Collection: Since I like to see really good movies more than once, I've got a pretty good collection of DVDs. When I want to watch a movie or a documentary (that's what I watch most of the time), this is where I start. This is also where I go to get my "cleaning" movie -- the one that I put on to provide background noise and entertainment while I clean the house. It's a tradition that I started with my daughter when she was really young, so most of the time I choose an old animated Disney favorite like Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid.
  • At the Theater: I have sleeping issues, and a dark theater helps me to fall asleep fairly easily; therefore, seeing a movie at the theater is not a very common thing for me. I hate to pay $10 or more for a ticket just to fall asleep before the opening credits have finished! I do, however, go to the theater for the Harry Potter films; everything else has to wait until it's either on satellite or DVD.
  • Satellite: Hubby and I are basically homebodies, which means that we watch movies from the comfort of our couches most of the time. We've got 3 satellite dishes on our roof and between them, we have gazillions of channels, both American and international, from which to choose. It's much cheaper for us to pay the satellite bill than it would be for us to buy theater tickets for all of the movies we watch. Besides, the Amazing Egyptian Dude gets to watch Arabic movies from the satellites. I watch many of them with him, but the Dude gets so caught up in the movies that he often forgets to translate some of the more complex dialogue for me.

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5 Responses
  1. The Bumbles Says:

    I think that's so funny that you clean to movies! I have certain CD's that I'll pop in to motivate me to clean - but if I put in a movie I would end up with my feet up engrossed in the action while the dust piled up. Although I suppose if it was a good musical or animated flick I could see how that would invoke movement.

  2. Carleen Says:

    Using the Disney films, with their many musical numbers, was the best way for me to convince my daughter that helping me to clean the house would be fun, LOL. We would clean between songs, then stop and sing when a song came on. Over time, it just became a habit to put on a "cleaning" movie.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    As I am sure you remember, I don't do movies well as I fall asleep, snore and drool all at the same time. LOL I've tried it with my Apple TV, DVR you name it. Same results. LOL

  4. Kim Says:

    hi Carleen
    being a movie addict I will watch movies any old way!!
    sounds like you and your daughter have the right idea when it comes to the housework lol..

  5. Anonymous Says:

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