Within the past 15 minutes, we've had another two quakes! Nothing big -- just 4.1 and 2.5 within five minutes of one another; however, when I see on the earthquake map the clusters of small quakes that are happening all around what appears to me to be San Andreas Fault, my layperson's interpretation is that the pressure that has been building since the last "big one" is being released little by little or that the plates are shifting to the point that they are going to collide in a big way soon. I sure do hope that the first interpretation is the accurate one!
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  1. RA Says:

    Hope everything will be okay, Carleen! Have a wonderful day :).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I also hope that it's the first one. It's funny I have CNN all the time and since I read this on your blog that's all I'm listening to ... that and the weather in Florida because of another blogger, and of course Houston because my dear friends live there :)

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