The Bumbles host a movie meme every Monday with a different theme each week. This week's theme just happens to be tear jerkers. What a great one for me to begin participation with -- I am a sucker for tear jerkers! The more tissue I need to get through the film, the higher it ranks on my list. If the movie invokes actual sobs, it's an automatic winner for me. Which movies make you cry? Here's a list of my all-time best, bring a box of tissue and be prepared to turn on the water works films.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes: The secret of life is in the sauce, it's in the sauce! More than just a "chick flick," Fried Green Tomatoes is a tale of true friendship, sacrifice, justice, and self-discovery. My favorite part is the parking lot scene:

  • Somewhere in Time: This is a full box-er; no matter how many times I watch this movie, I end up a complete blubbering mess! Imagine a love so powerful that it can pull you across the barrier of time and when reality propels you forward to the present and you must leave your true love in the time warp, the grief over your lost love becomes so insurmountable that it kills you. But in the end, in death, time doesn't matter because you find that your true love has waited for you to cross that final barrier. Oh, please -- someone call the wahmbulance for me already!
  • The Joy Luck Club: "I tell you the story because I was raised the Chinese way. I was taught to desire nothing, to swallow other people's misery, and to eat my own bitterness. And even though I taught my daughter the opposite, still she came out the same way. Maybe it is because she was born to me and she was born a girl, and I was born to my mother and I was born a girl, all of us like stairs, one step after another, going up, going down, but always going the same way."
  • The Bridges of Madison County: To heck with Josey Wales, give me Robert Kincaid any day! I've never been a fan of Clint Eastwood's films, probably because westerns just don't do IT for me, so it was with a great deal of trepidation that I first watched this movie. Another full box-er, The Bridges of Madison County convinced me that the older, the better Mr. Eastwood gets. Heck, he's a downright sexy old man!
  • I Remember Mama: If you haven't seen this 1948 gem, you'll want to add it to your Netflix list, trust me. I Remember Mama is a heartwarming story of a Norweigan immigrant family and their struggle to survive in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. Once you've seen it, you'll remember mama, too!
  • Charlotte's Web: Who said that animated films can't make you cry? Charlotte's death scene gets me every single time, and I watch this movie at least once a month!

  • Last on my list is also my very favorite tear jerker of all time, A Walk to Remember: It's not the death scene or young love that makes me cry in this film like you might expect. Instead, what brings tears to my eyes is the fact that I admire, and I mean genuinely admire, Jamie's character. Despite the merciless teasing and taunting from her classmates, Jamie hangs onto her faith, morals, values, and goodness, all symbolized by the sweater that she always wears. She doesn't give in to the peer pressure to be like the other girls, all of whom are mean spirited; she remains true to herself and because she does, her example, more than her illness and death, changes everyone around her.
Are you ready for some tissue yet?

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  1. Unknown Says:

    A Walk to Remember, Somewhere in Time, and Fried Green Tomatoes are all excellent choices. Jane Seymoure is one of my favorite actresses of all time; I purchased a 'Somewhere in Time' collector egg from her decorative line (that also plays the movie's theme), and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting her. She's a class act.

  2. The Bumbles Says:

    Hmmm - I have never heard of I Remember Mama. Sounds interesting - even though it may incite tears.

    Charlotte's Web - so true!!!

    Wahmbulance - heehee.

  3. Carleen Says:

    I Remember Mama is a movie from 1948 with Irene Dunn. It's on AMC and TCM often, so you might check your TV schedule for it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I never heard of I Remember Mama but if it has Irene Ryan in it I will make sure to see it. I loved her. Thanks for this post. Excellent :)

  5. Mister Scott Says:

    i thought i'd return the facor and check out your blog, too :)

    i've always loved charlotte's web, but avoided a walk to remember (surprise!). that is until chaperoning an eight grade class trip on an eight hour bus ride during which we watched the movie...

    wow, was i surprised by how engaging it was! as a result, ive added two nicholas sparks books to our summer reading list (highschool).

    great blog, take care and cheers!

  6. Anonymous Says:
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