I don't recall having talked about my addiction to American Idol before, but I confess -- I am totally hooked! It's my niece's fault, for it was she who got me started watching it in the second season. It wasn't until the season that Carrie Underwood was on, though, that I began taking the show seriously. From that point forward, it was inevitable that I would plan my life around Tuesday and Wednesday nights, LOL!

The 2009 season is now officially over and thanks to the nifty international satellite, I was able to watch the show live from the east coast. Although my personal favorite, Danny Gorkey (I don't know if that's how his name is spelled or not) was not in the running, I am thrilled with the winning choice!

And now I'm off to finish grading research papers, bask in the glory of having supported a winner, and the gradual onset of the "When does the next season of Idol start?" blues.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had found out about 4:30 that Kris one. Big mistake I think. He's going to be as boring as Taylor, Fantasia and Ruben. But oh well. Adam, the one I have said would win since the beginning will do great anyway. You know I've been watching this since it first started. I don't think I've picked an Idol except for Carrie Underwood...Oh well I enjoy the show. Glad it's over for a while now. Aloha

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