• I've seen some improvement on the seizure front -- at last! Yesterday, I had only one. Maybe whatever it was that sent The Brain into a tizzy has moved on to greener pastures? One can only hope!
  • Ali has jacked my iPhone. He has discovered how to play games on it and now, as soon as he gets home and settled in for the evening, he snatches my phone. The man will play games until the battery indicator warns him that unless it receives an immediate charge the world will come to an end. Now that he has learned how to charge the phone on the amazing speaker dock that I told him to buy me for my birthday last year, I no longer wake up in the morning to a totally dead phone. Woot, woot!
  • While watering the jasmine and grapevine in the backyard yesterday evening, I decided to check out the guava tree at the same time. The one growing in the front yard has looked rather sickly for a couple of months, but the one in the backyard is in full blossom. Looks like Ali and the neighborhood will enjoy guavas later this summer. And it looks like we'll have another amazing grape crop this year, too! Last year's crop was amazing -- I don't think I've seen so many grapes in my whole life as I did when we were cutting the bunches off the single vine that has grown in our yard for about 15 years. Sadly, we didn't get around to cutting off any of the young leaves for stuffing (in Greek, which is most people are familiar with, stuffed grape leaves are called dolmades; in Arabic they are called mahshi wara aynab). Personally, I don't care what the heck you call 'em as long as you call me to eat 'em! Mmmmm...mmmmm....good!
  • You know, I think that the average person will never be satisifed with anything the government does. We griped and complained about how poorly prepared FEMA was to handle a disaster after everything we witnessed with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. So when WHO expressed concern about the possibilities of Swine Flu becoming a pandemic, our president responded appropriately. Now that it looks like Mexico's death toll has plummeted from the highest of 159 (it may be more, but that's the highest number I heard reported) to less than 50, some people are throwing hissy fits because they say that our government sacred us unnecessarily. I can't help but wonder how Uncle Sam will ever win with such a difficult crowd to please. Can you imagine the uproar had the CDC remained silent and the Swine Flu turned out to be a more vicious virus? Sheesh, people, give the old uncle a break!
  • If you haven't seen Andrew Lloyd Weber's Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dream Coat yet, you should! I had the chance to see it all the way through for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. Donny Osmond, one of my favorite old teenage heartthrobs, gave an amazing performance. Joan Collins was delightfully wicked, too! You can probably rent it from Netflix, as I saw it on DVD. The musical will soon be revived on London's West End. I'm thinking that's enough reason to visit the UK again, don't you? ;)

If you'd like to join in the fun of random ramblings, just post 5 random thoughts on Tuesday. Send me the link to your post by leaving a comment, and I'll add you to the list of random ramblers!

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello dearie. I just wanted to thank you for the Premio Dardos nomination. How exciting, my first bloggie award. ~Nicole

  2. Carleen Says:

    You're quite welcome, Nicole! Yours is one of the very first blogs I began to read regularly, so how could I not share it with you? ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Glad today is a better day for you! I've posted my Tuesday ramblings -- very short as I'm procrastinating getting back to work!

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