Yesterday was interesting, but today promises to be even more so.

The who-knows-what-it-really-is seems to have settled in my chest and sinuses. If I'm not covering my mouth due to a cough, I am rubbing the areas above and below my right eye in an attempt to alleviate the pressure that has built up in my head. Although I still don't have very much of a voice, I am beginning to feel more like a human being -- well at least for now, at 2:15 am! We'll see how well I am doing once I get to class and student presentations start. . .

Wedding and apartment preparations are moving ahead full steam. Iman chose her wedding dress, so we went to check it out at David's Bridal. The photo to the left is the dress she chose, but instead of a burgundy colored sash, Iman's is champagne colored. I can't believe how hard it is to find a pretty and modest wedding gown these days! As I looked through the gowns on the racks, it struck me that not only did very few of them have even short sleeves, but that there was only one gown that had the tradtional long, lacy sleeves! Then, as I was looking for a photo of the dress that Iman chose, I happened upon a site for LDS brides that features modest, but gorgeous, wedding gowns! Now I have to share it with all the up and coming Muslim brides who want a fashionable gown that leaves something to the imagination. If only we'd found this site before Iman got her dress!

While Iman, Basma, and I were at the bridal shop, Ali went to help Magdy paint their apartment. Since they both love the color in our bathroom (ironically, the same color of the sash in the wedding dress above, LOL!), they decided to do one wall in their bedroom in the same shade; Iman chose a gorgeous bedding set that coordinates to the color quite well. There was a little more than half a gallon of paint left from our job, so I gave it to them to use. Ali said it turned out to be just the right amount for their wall. The invitations have been printed, assembled, and addressed, so they are ready to go out in the mail today. Basma had a really good time helping Iman tackle that job while I languished in misery on the couch.

Ali and the guys managed to get the container unloaded in record time after it was delivered on Wednesday night. In fact, they get everything out by Thursday evening so that it could be picked up on Friday afternoon! I don't think we've ever cleaned out a 40-foot container that fast before. Because I haven't felt well, I still haven't sifted through the myriad boxes to see what we have this time; however, there's time for that later on today.

It didn't dawn on me until I woke up a couple of hours ago that yesterday was the 67th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although it has always been a historical event to me -- my parents were only two years old when it happened -- it is sad to realize how very few survivors remain to tell the story.

I suppose that I should try to get a little more sleep before my day begins in earnest. My students will probably be expecting me to stay away for their presentations!
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