I seem to be missing the boat quite a bit lately. Maybe it's happening because I've been so caught up in not feeling well; I can't say for sure. But really important things, things that I would normally remember -- like the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, are slipping past me unnoticed. And so it has gone with the end of the semester.

Yesterday while chatting with my students, as if struck by some divine bolt of lightning, I realized that this is the last week of classes! I've had such a great time with the upper division students, and some of the freshmen, that time seems to have literally flown by without me ever noticing it. Not a semester goes by that I don't have a handful of impressive students, but I got exceptionally lucky this time around with my upper division group.

From the first class meeting, they have been responsive, enthusiastic, engaged, and lots of fun. Although not too sure about blogging at the start of the semester, they embraced it and provided me with plenty of interesting reading material as the weeks passed. A few of them will likely keep their blogs active beyond our class which thrills me no end, as it's a great way to keep in touch with them. Several past students are now friends, and a couple are even colleagues -- one even teaches at the same university where she was my student the first semester that I taught!

I'll miss this semester's bunch of students. But once the winter break has ended and the Spring semester commences, I'm sure that I'll find another great group with whom I'll share the last semester of my teaching career.
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