The atmospheric disturbances are really doing a number on my head! I swear that whatever is going on with the weather is having an adverse effect on my epilepsy because I keep having seizures when I shouldn't. The seizures themselves aren't so bad, it's that each one requires me to sleep afterward. Getting anything done at times when seizures come in clusters is virtually impossible. My brain doesn't really wake up, while my body is naturally drawn to a comfortable place to crash for a couple of hours. Thankfully, I don't have to return to school until Wednesday when I give the first of two final exams for the semester. The second exam is on Thursday.

Our storm finally arrived last night. As usual, I was up and down all night and that meant that I was able to see it come in and watch it drop all its wet glory on us. The rain that began last night hasn't subsided yet, and there's not a single patch of blue in the sky anywhere. The temperature is hovering around 47 degrees which, for Southern California, is pretty cold. The winds that arrived ahead of the rain have moved on to greener pastures, so that's one less weather related issue to deal with.

It will be frantic at the business today, as all outstanding orders have to be shipped today in order to be delivered in time for Christmas. That puts a lot of pressure on everyone, but we'll muddle through it just like we do every year.
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