The Sandman Saga continues. Maybe because I've been too busy to nap in the afternoon, the past four days for me have come to a complete stop around 7 PM. Try as I might, I have not been able to stay awake much past that point, although I did manage to fight valiantly until 8:11 last night. Even though I'm falling asleep earlier, I still don't sleep through the night; the first wakeful episode happens between 10 and 11, back to sleep about an hour later, then up for the day around 2.

Tonight is the Sarah Brightman concert that we've been anticipating for three months. Unfortunately for me, the concert starts after my newly designated bedtime! Honestly, if I fall asleep after having paid so doggone much for these tickets, I'll be totally pissed at myself. It doesn't help my situation any that my body just shuts down when it decides it's time to sleep; I have absolutely no control over it.

Final exams are over -- wOOt -- and now begins the task of grading one last essay and an exam from each of my students. This part of the semester is the one I dread the most; I'm not a fan of using grades as a measurement of knowledge or improvement and, as a result, constantly struggle with assigning final grades using a points-based system. That students care more about a final grade than the learning process only contributes to the torture. At what point did the letter on a grade report become so much more important than gaining knowledge?

It's just after 4 AM, and I'm going to try placing a call to Mr. Sandman. Wish me luck!
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