Pull out your violins and prepare to play the saddest song you know. I need it. I've earned it.

The health insurance issue is hitting home in a big way. Stress is the primary trigger of my seizures and like my neurologist said, "If you're alive, you have stress." I just seem to be a lot more alive than usual these past two days, as the seizures are coming on full force. On the bright side -- yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and a bright side to this otherwise crappy situation -- the seizures are not coming in clusters, and that makes them easier to deal with. For that, I am genuinely grateful.

While there is a bright side, I would be remiss to ignore the dark side of this force that grips the electrical system that controls my body. The nausea that accompanies seizures and often lingers long after, has intensified incredibly. Same for the need to sleep afterward, although I won't complain about that one. With the nausea comes drooling and the stronger the nausea, the more I drool. I'm thinking that a bib would be a nice thing to have right about now.

As I write, I am coming out of a seizure that happened 2.5 hours ago. I slept for 40 minutes and am fighting sleep now in the hope that if I can stay awake for a little bit longer, I might actually sleep through the night. Wish me luck!
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  1. Good luck!

    How I hate those multi-seizure days, when you just feel wiped all day, unable to plan or commit to anything, and guilty on top of it all.

    (((hugs))) I hope you fins some resolution(s) soon.


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