I remember watching Sybil, starring Sally Field, way back when I was in high school in the 70s. Sybil, the victim of physical and sexual abuse as a child, developed a multiple personality disorder as a result. She didn't know why, but Sybil often lost track of time -- whole days, sometimes several at once, went missing from her memory and left her confused -- when an alternate persona took over to help her deal with whatever crisis she faced. I'm beginning to feel a bit like Sybil.

For the past several days, I seem to have lost the ability to keep track of the day of the week and the date. On Saturday, I called my dad, who was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on January 19. I don't know why, but I thought that Sunday was the 19th and was shocked that my dad would be having surgery on a Sunday. Nobody has surgery on Sunday unless it's an emergency! Dad set me straight on the day and date, and I made a mental note of the correction. At least I thought I did. . .

I've been waiting a few weeks to see my neurologist. I even mentioned it in my last post. Armed with my list of concerns, I waited in line for my turn to check in. Imagine my surprise when the receptionist, with a surprised look on her face, said, "Ma'am, you have an appointment with Dr. S, but it's not until tomorrow." Tomorrow? Ironically, as I left the reception area and headed for the car, the reminder notice that I had set on my iPhone calendar flashed across the screen.

As I looked over my last post, I see quite clearly that despite my dad setting me straight about the day and date on Saturday, the confusion continued. For God's sake, I've even got the day of the inauguration all wrong!

Is this what happens when one suffers from sleep deprivation?
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