I never did find my iPhone cord, so I snagged Iman's this morning. As promised, here are a few photos from yesterday's festivities. Enjoy!

Waiting for the groom.

Basma is waiting for the groom's arrival, too.

Magdy signs the marriage contract.

Iman does, too.

Exchanging rings.

Exchanging rings.

Left to Right: Imam Muzzamil Siddiqui, Ahmed (Magdy's father), Magdy, Ali, Gamal (Ali's brother). I didn't realize until I downloaded the photos that I accidentally cut off Ahmed Zahran, who is standing at the far left in the photo. Sorry, Ahmed!

Later this evening, I will post photos, taken with a real camera this time, of the big shindig during which Iman will be wearing her wedding dress.

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