It's just a bit past 4 on this Tuesday morning in the OC and on any other Tuesday, I'd be blogging random thoughts. But in a few hours, the Amazing Egyptian Dude (AED) will be home after what has been the longest time we've spent apart since we got married almost 30 years ago.

What should have been the usual 5 weeks trip to get a container of products on its way from Cairo to Alexandria and from Alexandria to Long Beach became a nightmare of red tape the likes of which we have never experienced in the eleven years that we have been importing goods from Egypt to the US. The end result was that the AED had to extend his ticket once, then twice in order to get paperwork taken care of in Egypt so that we wouldn't have a similar problem for the next shipment. While he was doing battle with the bureaucracy of the Egyptian government, I struggled to hold down the fort at home.

Since he has been gone, the elderly lady for whom I have been responsible died and the battle over her estate has begun; I inherited a new rescue kitten that was so tiny when I got him, he literally fit in the palm of my hand; my sister, who has been here with me from Texas to get some much needed dental work done by a dentist friend of ours (she's a diabetic and has no dental insurance), was served with divorce papers out of the blue a few days ago and has been an emotional wreck ever since. Needless to say, with all the stress and excitement going on here, seizures have been an almost daily occurrence for me.

So no random thoughts on this Tuesday -- heck no! I am so ready for the AED to be back home because I have surely missed my pillar of strength!

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  1. RA Says:

    Good to read that he'll be back home to stand by you. Praying that all of the issues will be solved soon, Carleen. Be strong. I know, you are. Barakallah.

  2. Yes so nice to hear that he will be home! I can read that you have many stresses, so hope your health is Ok

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So glad he'll be home soon!! I know you've missed him a lot! Sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now. I'm so glad you're blogging again. I've missed you!!

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