My roommate and I once: did something, but it was in a past life because I've never had a roommate in this one.

Never in my life have I: enjoyed picking my nose in public.

High school was: enough.

When I’m nervous: it's a really big deal -- I don't get nervous.

My hair: is on my head . . . and on my legs when I have neither the time nor the inclination to shave them, but is always gone from under my arms.

When I was 5: it was a very good year.

When I turn my head left: I hear a creaking sound.

I should be: sleeping?

By this time next year: I hope to be a beauty queen.

My favorite aunt is: a dingbat for leaving California to live in Texass, but I love her anyway.

I have a hard time understanding:

You know I like you if: I don't kick you in the shin.

My ideal breakfast is: a chicken fajita omelette from iHop

If you visit my home town: on Memorial Day weekend, you can attend the Strawberry Festival.

If you spend the night at my house: be prepared to find a cat in the bed.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: is the common loud-mouthed teenager.

I shouldn’t have been: both smart and beautiful, but what could I do? It's in the genes!

Last night I: had a nice conversation with the son-in-law.

A better name for me would be: her majesty

I’ve been told I look like: no one else on earth

If I could have any car, it would be:

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  1. Nessa Says:

    Your majesty, please don't kick me in the shins. :)

    * * *
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  2. How did you name all that, it was good reading, but I do have terrible nerves. Glad you don't.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well your Majesty. Love the car. I've dug in public...LOL. Great answers. I hope you are okay. You've been awfully quiet recently. :) Aloha my friend and Happy Sunday Stealing :)

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