I am home. I am tired, and I am sore, but I am home.

Surgery went well, although I really did have to fight to get to come home yesterday instead of spending the night in the hospital. My newest battle scar is located at the base of my throat. I can't tell exactly how big the incision is -- my best guess is that it's somewhere between 3 and 4 inches long. Where the purple squiggly line is, there was a drain that was removed this morning. In place of the drain tube is a nifty little hole that the doctor filled with antibiotic ointment. Notice all the blue "shadow" in the crease above the incision? That shadow is actually swelling and bruising. The whole neck is swollen and bruised.

The good news is that only the right half of the thyroid was removed because the initial lab results showed a benign form of cancer. The tissue is still undergoing additional testing, so the final results won't be in for another few days; however, the surgeon didn't see anything that made him believe removing the left side was necessary.

The always Amazing Egyptian Dude earned props -- lots of them -- when, despite being utterly exhausted, he hauled himself to the market last night to get me some Diet Dr. Pepper and Butter Pecan ice cream. A tall glass of Diet Dr. Pepper on crushed ice did wonders for my sore throat. Chewing is not easy because it involves using the muscles in my neck that have been cut, so soft and squishy foods like soup and jello are it for a couple of days. Oh, and Butter Pecan ice cream!

I gots a owie. I'm sore. I'm tired. But I'm ok, and I'm home.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well I have to say congrats first and foremost. I'm very excited about your news. That sure does look painful but so well worth it in rhe long run. Thank goodness for the AED! Much love and aloha to you my friend. xoxox

  2. The Bumbles Says:

    Love those hubbies who fetch things. Well wishes for a good recovery. Ice cream soothes every owie.

  3. Unknown Says:

    wow, what a pic. thanks for sharing. so good to know you are doing well :)

  4. Glad to hear that things went well for you and that the tests are looking good. You take care of you and rest and recharge.

  5. RA Says:

    I'm glad the operation went on well and you are at home again, Carleen. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Glad all went well. Gotta love those considerate and thoughtful hubbys!! Feel better soon!

  7. Carleen Says:

    Thanks to all for the well wishes. I'm not quite up to par yet which, for me, is not the norm. The incision site has become quite swollen and if it doesn't go down by tomorrow, I will take myself to get it checked. For such a minor surgery, this one is giving me more headaches than it was worth!

  8. Wow! I am glad your are home and feel a bit better! =)
    Take care my Beautiful Friend!

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