The last movie I saw in a theater was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Well, technically, I didn't see the movie because I fell asleep within twenty minutes after the film started. Considering that the same thing had happened with the two movies I went to see before Harry Potter, I figured it was best to wait until the movies I wanted to see became available on DVD so that I didn't waste any more money for the privilege of sleeping in a theater. After hearing many positive things about Slumdog Millionaire, I just had to take a chance one more time and convinced Ali to take me to the mall to see it last night. Amazingly, I managed to stay awake through the entire film! Considering my recent sleeping issues, that the movie kept me awake and alert until nearly 10 PM is a true testament to its entertainment value in my book.

Both Ali and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I find it quite easy to understand why it has either been nominated for or won several awards. The film portrays the darkest side of poverty and a corrupt government while, at the same time, providing a glimpse of the resourcefulness of the impoverished children who populate the slums of India.

Jamal and Selim, "slumdogs" whose mother is killed in a surprise Hindu attack on the Muslims who live in the slum, must find a way to survive as orphans in a society with such a rigid social structure that people are pigeon-holed at every turn. The story is told through a series of flashbacks that explain how Jamal, with very little formal education and a product of the seedier side of life, knows the answers to the difficult questions on India's version of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? game show. At once tragic and comic, Jamal's life experience has provided him with everything he needs to know in order to answer the questions and win the game. But in the process of winning the game, he loses something that is far more important than the millions of rupees in prize money.

This is one film that was definitely worth the $11.50 that we paid for each ticket. Better still, it will be well worth the investment of the DVD when it is released because this movie is one that needs to be seen more than once.
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