In spite of the usual war between wakefulness and sleep that I engage in on a daily basis, I feel fairly well rested today! This is truly cause for celebration, as it happens so infrequently. I'm not going to question the how or why it happened when last night was no different than the hundreds before it, I'm just going to revel in it and see what I can accomplish with a fog-free brain.

  • Reschedule eye appointment that I missed last week thanks to the seizure issues. I've come to the conclusion that having the ability to see clearly is very important and that since my not-so-old glasses aren't doing the job any longer, a new prescription is probably in order.
  • Begin grading marathon for the first round of essays. The students in the smaller of my classes have turned in their papers, and it would be wonderful to grade and return them before the uber large class' papers come in at the end of the week.
  • Make the trek to HR for retirement info. Students can no longer add or drop classes which means that my small one will "stick" for the duration. In the grand scheme of things, this also means that I've met the minimum requirement of course units to maintain my health care coverage for the semester. More importantly, it means that I am on the insurance roll during the semester from which I will retire -- a requirement that must be met in order for me to keep those benefits after I retire. Woot!
  • Continue the arduous climb up laundry mountain. How is it possible that two people could have so many dirty clothes?!

I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I need to take care of, but this is enough to keep me busy for a while at least.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good news all the way around. Even the grading so far! Hope that goes fast! Especially good news about the insurance! Oh and about the laundry? I don't think that ever ends! It seems to multiply when I'm not looking so I know the feeling!

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