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First, let me say Happy Anniversary to Diane and Jory and to thank them for hosting Musical Monday for one year now. It's been a blast, and I look forward to many more weeks of music with you.

I really like American Idol, but I love The X-Factor! Through the magic of satellite (the show airs in the UK), I've been lucky enough to have seen three seasons of Simon Cowell's "other" show. Although similar in that they both provide an opportunity for fledgling singers to showcase their talent in the hope that they will win a recording contract, American Idol and The X-Factor differ in one crucial way: the judges act as mentors to the contestants and choose their songs. After the auditions have concluded and the group of wannabes narrowed to 24 contestants, the judges learn which of the four categories -- girls, boys, groups, and over 25 -- they will mentor. By the time the contestants go to live performances, each judge has 4 proteges under his or her wing. Leona Lewis, the protegee of Simon himself, won The X-Factor in 2007; Alexandra Burke, under the careful mentoring of Cheryl Cole, won in 2008; and my entry for this week, Joe McElderry, also a protegee of Cheryl Cole, won in 2009.

I love Joe's voice and had a really hard time choosing just one of his performances. Since I love the meaning behind the words, I chose the song that became Joe's first single. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do -- Joe sings it much better than Miley Cyrus, LOL!


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5 Responses
  1. Run DMT Says:

    He has a lovely voice and reminds me of David Archuleta. Joe does sing this song better Miley, but then Miley/Hannah makes my skin crawl. Of course, I'm the only mama in America to think so! :-P

    But seriously, this song seems to be more meaningful sung by someone trying to break into the business, rather than a young girl who had it handed it to her by her daddy. JMO

    Thanks for sharing the X Factor. I was wondering what it was all about, especially since Simon Cowell decided not to be a judge next season on American Idol and said he wanted to bring the X Factor to America.

    Happy MM! :-)

  2. Nessa Says:

    Rabbit, Rabbit

    Very nice for a Monday listen.

  3. Diane Says:

    i wish i could watch that show!!

  4. Carleen Says:

    @RunDMT: I so agree with you that Joe is similar to David Archuleta. Ironically, Joe commented on the relevance of the song to his X-Factor journey and how much more meaning it has for him as a result!

    @Nessa: Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @Diane: Soon, you will be able to watch The X-Factor, because Simon is leaving American Idol and bringing that show to the American audience! I like them both, but with the broader diversity of talent on X-Factor, I would watch it instead of Idol any day.

  5. RA Says:

    I am looking forward for more of your posts :). Happy Anniversary to Joy and Diane's Musical Monday. I missed it :(. I wish we had X-Factor here. I love the meaning behind words, too. The Climb's lyrics are very inspiring. Great choice!

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