Our new fridge was delivered on Sunday morning, and I have to say that it looks wonderful! We couldn't get the water and ice dispenser hooked up because the hose thingy that the delivery guy brought was not long enough to reach from the area under the sink to the fridge. Ali got the right length from Home Depot, but because things are busy at the shop right now, hasn't had time to get it hooked up yet. Oh, well, at least we have coffee cream again!

I completely forgot about the time change on Sunday. Maybe it happened because I am not a fan of daylight savings time and haven't been for at least twenty years. The older I get and the earlier I wake up and go to bed, the more I dislike the idea of springing forward and falling back. In fact, the time change makes me downright cranky!

This week, I will be having one-on-one conferences with the students in my smaller class. Although the process is mentally exhausting, I actually enjoy this ritual because it gives me an opportunity to work with each student on an individual basis. Students like conference week because they don't have to come to class; they just show up for their conference appointment.

Ok, I need a cup of coffee now because like the cartoon says, I can't think without it!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    When I taught on campus, I enjoyed the conferences. It was a nice change of pace. I used to do instant messenger conferences online but stopped doing that because students wouldn't keep "appointments" and would interrupt when they saw me online with someone else.

    Enjoy your coffee and your day!!

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