Back row: Carleen, Ali, Bill (Carleen's dad & Iman's grandfather), Carmen (Carleen's stepmom & Iman's grandma)
Front row: Iman, Magdy

It's official
-- Magdy Salama and Iman Ibrahim are now engaged! Actually, the engagement party was on Saturday, November 15, but I haven't had time to post any photos until now. Sorry about that!

The wedding date had been set for March 28, 2009; however, as of yesterday, they may decide to move it up to sometime in December. We'll just have to wait and see. . .
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  1. Sandy Says:

    She looks so much like you!!! ... the pics are really nice... see you 2morrow!!!

  2. Sandy Says:

    Your daughter looks so much like you!!! She looks pretty...

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