Last night we had a dinner party with friends and in-laws at my house. After everyone had finished eating, four of us ladies went outside to look for ripe guavas that might be hiding on the tree in the front yard. Because we got caught up in conversation, we stayed outside long enough that everyone else began to wonder where we had gone. So in search of the missing guava party, my niece, Basma, came out to look for us. Just as she opened the front door, she saw something underneath my car and went to inspect it. The something turned out to be a very tiny kitten, no more than 4 weeks old!

How such a small kitten ended up in my driveway and under my car, we couldn't figure out. Thinking that there might be other tiny kittens wandering around in my yard, we grabbed flashlights and looked for them or at least a mother cat that was missing one of her babies. No luck -- we couldn't find anything. No other cats around anywhere.

This isn't the first time that kittens have "mysteriously" shown up in my yard, though, and when I brought the tiny bundle into the house, Ali reminded me that I run the "cat welfare society of Orange County." My big cats, all four of them, were completely freaked by the unexpected dinner guest, so we put her in Iman's room for the time being.

Looks like I now have five cats. Meet Camry, the kitten who came for dinner last night!
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